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PREPA issues RFP for Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Resources

Vol. 33 - February 2021 | ©2021 by Vidal, Nieves & Bauzá, LLC. All rights reserved.

On February 23, 2021, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority ("PREPA") issued a Request for Proposals for Renewable Energy Generation and Energy Storage Resources ("RFP"). PREPA is currently one of the United States' largest public utilities by customers served, providing electricity to 1.5 million customers.

The purpose of the RFP is to solicit proposals for (i) the design, construction, installation, ownership, operation and maintenance of energy resources, installed at sites across the Island of Puerto Rico, and (ii) the sale and purchase of energy or capacity, made available by such resources during a supply period of 25 years. Through the RFP, PREPA seeks energy

resources that can achieve commercial operation in no more than 2 years from contract execution.

According to the RFP, PREPA desires to procure at least 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy resource capacity and at least 500 megawatts of energy storage resource capacity with an effective duration of 4 hours, including at least 150 of distributed energy storage VPPs. Proponents may submit proposals for all or a portion of such capacity, nevertheless renewable energy resources offered on a stand-alone basis must have generating capacity of at least 20MW. PREPA will perform a kick-off presentation on March 3, 2021 to discuss the RFP, and proponents must submit their Notice of Intent by March 23. Proposals must be submitted by

May 3, 2021.

Should your company be interested in submitting a proposal for the RFP and/or have any questions with respect to its requirements, you may contact attorney Pedro J. Nieves-Miranda, or any of the attorneys at Vidal, Nieves & Bauzá, LLC. Vidal, Nieves & Bauzá, LLC is a law firm with a special emphasis in corporate, energy, infrastructure, environmental, transactional, real estate & financing, estate planning and insurance regulatory practices.

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